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UFT Technology


Electrospinning technology is a versatile and effective method to generate continuous ultrathin fibers down to 1 nanometer in diameter. A nanometer is one billionth of a meter. The polymer solution forms an equilibrium between gravity and surface tension at the end of the vertically located capillary. Accordingly, the hemispherical surface of the fluid at the tip of the capillary tube elongates to form a conical shape known as the Taylor cone. When the high voltage is applied to a form bubble liquid is called “droplets” on the tip, the body of the liquid becomes charged, and the electrostatic repulsion of the liquid droplets is stretched and divided into smaller jets and initialized to form of thin web fiber or a mat fiber.

  • UFT is committed to engraving and manufacturing the world’s tiniest particles on various media.

  • UFT is dedicated to continued research and development to maintain leadership in the industry.

  • UFT is restructuring the fine fibers market with significant improvements in performance.

  • UFT products are used in various filtration applications.

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