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Termeh company has started its scientific and practical activity in the field of industrial mask production since 2006. Currently, with the support of technical knowledge and modern machines, this company as the only manufacturer of active carbon masks with high quality and reasonable price is

engaged in providing services to many large industries of the country.

Among these industries, we can mention copper, steel, mining, automobile manufacturing, cement, oil, aluminum, petrochemical, etc.

Fortunately, scientific and technical achievements have also been achieved in this way, some of which are:

- Publication of a selected article in the American Textiles Industrial Journal

- CE certified in accordance with EN149 standard

- Obtaining a fume and dust absorption certificate from the Technical Protection Research Center and Occupational health

- Obtaining a patent certificate from the Companies and Industrial Property Registration Office

- Selected to participate in the Innovation and Prosperity Festival of the National Elite Foundation

- Received approval from the Department of Microbiology, Faculty of Medical Sciences, University of Tehran

- Received the test sheet from the Standard and Industrial Research Institute of Iran

- Supported by the Presidential Nanotechnology Development Headquarters

- Supported by Science and Technology Park University of Tehran obtaining approval from the Nuclear Fuel Cycle Research Center with an efficiency of over 99% having approval from the Iranian Standard and Industrial Research Institute.

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