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Taiwan Textile Research Institute


Taiwan Textile Research Institute


About TTRI

The Taiwan Textile Research Institute (TTRI), established in 1959 as the Taiwan Textile Testing Center, is about to reach its 60th anniversary and has been involved in various phases of the development of the Taiwanese textile industry. TTRI has made a remarkable and revolutionary structure reform, and transformed into a more visionary and innovative R & D teamwork framework as well as a more supportive administrative system. TTRI has extended its service capability from fiber spinning, fabric formation, dyeing and finishing, apparel manufacturing, as well as textile testing. Undoubtedly, TTRI has integrated inside itself to consolidate its service strength and competitiveness in the domestic and international community.

Laboratory Accreditation (ISO 17025)

TTRI has been serving textile industries for 60 years. Apart from the same services given by ITS, SGS commercial testing laboratories, TTRI is also capable of providing new textiles testing methods and apparatus. In particular, Filtration Testing has been very popular in recent years and several testing apparatus have been developed by TTRI to assist industry to quantify their product performance to assure the quality of the products. The laboratory has been accredited by CNLA, TAF (Taiwan Accreditation Foundation) since 1998 and many test items have been accredited, including several filtration testing items.

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