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Superior Felt and Filtration


Superior Felt and Filtration

Superior Felt and Filtration is a global leader in technical nonwovens including lifesaving filtration technology. Stocking one of North America's largest inventories of US-manufactured technical nonwovens and filtration media, Superior Felt & Filtration provides solutions for the automotive, appliance, aerospace, filtration, and medical industries. Complimenting a large selection of in-stock textiles, Superior also offers value-added contract manufacturing featuring: adhesive coating, slitting, die cutting, ultra-sonic lamination, pleating, private labeling, and now plastic injection molding.

Our expertise in liquid and air filtration is unparalleled. Superior Felt & Filtration staff’s engineers and scientists regularly assist in developing medical device solutions and lifesaving filtration technology. Superior is also the exclusive North American distributor and converter of Technostat® and Trupor®. Technostat is a triboelectric, high-efficiency filter media capable of filtering particles at 99.999% efficiency with minimal pressure drop. Our Technostat products are used in N95 masks, respirators, ventilators, spirometry, surgical hoods, C02 filters, and suction filters, among other medical air filtration applications. Trupor® is a revolutionary FDA-grade membrane media used in critical micron and submicron liquid filtration applications suitable for pharma/bio, water and food processing, semi-conductor, clarification, and chemical processing.

Help us Help you. With continued global pressures across international manufacturing sectors due to COVID-19 and supply chain disruptions caused by the war in Ukraine, Superior Felt & Filtration is your United States onshoring partner in nonwovens, filtration, and finished medical devices and components. Providing industry expertise, quality finished goods, world-class customer service, and just-in-time shipments, let Superior Felt bring you peace of mind during these challenging times.

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