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Mogul is a Turkish-based family-owned company located in Gaziantep in the southeast part of Turkey. Mogul was founded in 1997.

Mogul offers a vast array of nonwoven products and composites to their customers which include:

 o Madaline (Fibrillated Bico Microfilament Hydro-entangled Fabric)

 o Spunlace (Parallel-laid and Cross-lapped)

 o Polypropylene Spunbond

 o Polyester Spunbond Mono-PET

  • Flat bonded with Round and Trilobal shaped filaments

  • Point bond with Round and Trilobal shaped filaments

 o Bicomponent (PET/CoPet)

  • Flat bonded with Round and Tiptrilobal shaped filments

 o Meltblown - SM, SMS, MMM ,pulp added MB

 o Converted Composites made from nonwovens and other composites

 o Extrusion coated-laminated fabrics

Major markets served include: Air and Liquid Filtration, Wipes, Building/Construction, Spill Control, Coating Substrates, Bedding / Furniture,Packaging, Automotive, Landscape, Agriculture, Hygiene, Medical, Cable wrapping, Fabric Softener Sheets.

The Mogul reputation for Quality and consistent products is ideally suited for critical filtration applications. Mogul’s basic filter applications; Air Filtration, Pool and Spa Filters, Vacuum Cleaner Dustbags, Beverage Filters, Liquid Filtration (Coolants, Lubricants, etc.), Support Layes for Composites and Nano Coating. Also, Mogul produces surgical mask fabrics with high bacterial efficiency and dust holding capacity.

Mogul headquarters and first plant are located in Gaziantep,A site was built in Istanbul in 2002 for domestic sales and warehousing. A second production plant was built in Gaziantep in 2007. A third production site has been built  in Luleburgaz, 60 miles (100 km) from Istanbul.

Mogul was honored with the “Award” in the “Entrepreneurship” category 2 times in 2001 and 2016. Mogul is ranked among the TOP 40 nonwoven producers in the world per 2020 sales by Nonwoven Industry Magazine. Mogul was the first member of Edana (European Nonwovens and Disposables Association) from Turkey in 1998. Mogul is also a member of INDA and ANFA.

For more information please contact with us.

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