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Hangzhou Special Paper Industry Co., Ltd (NEWSTAR)


Hangzhou Special Paper Industry Co., Ltd (NEWSTAR)


Contact:  Mr. Haitao Liu, General Manager, Life Science Department

Phone: +86-0571-63488907

Mobile: +86-13958037459


Hangzhou Special Paper Industry Co., Ltd (Newstar)

Shangli Industry Park Fuyang ,Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China

About Newstar Hangzhou:

Hangzhou Special Paper Industry Co., Ltd (NEWSTAR), is the leading developer, manufacturer and provider of Laboratory Filter Media, Consumable Filtration Products, Automotive Filter Media and Vulcanized Fiber in China. We are dedicated to be one-stop shopping for research and analysis labs backed by excellent products, expert technical support and after-sales service. We have three business units:

  • Lab Science: Qualitative Filter Paper, Quantitative Filter Paper, Chromatography Paper, pH Testing Paper, Syringe Filter, Membrane Filter ,Sample Vial,SPE column ,etc.

  • Automotive Filter Media: Air Intake Filter Paper, Oil Filter Paper, Fuel Filter Paper, etc.

  • Vulcanized Fiber:Abrasive Vulcanized Fiber, Insulation Vulcanized Fiber,etc.

  • We are dedicated to provide integrated and comprehensive filtration products, solutions and service to our customers.

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