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AEROPRO is a Taiwan-based group of four companies with advanced, updated technological devices and R&D labs. We provide benchmarked, developed Air filtration media for all kinds of HVAC air filtration applications, electrostatic media, IAQ filters, and odor removal & molecular filters.   

AEROPRO factory’s qualified team is committed to providing a safer, sustainable green future. Our media fibers are in compliance with GRS (Global Recycle Standards), and products meet all air filtration standards such as ISO 16890, ASHRAE 52.2, UL 900, and EN 7790 standards.  

With modern manufacturing machinery in Taiwan, China & India, our strength is that we are flexible to provide customized filtration media and other filtration solutions to all our customers globally. We serve customers with our products as raw materials, semi-finished & finished products. 

Aeropro acts as OEM for many major filtration product suppliers.    AEROPRO products are tested in third-party labs to ensure quality throughout the product’s lifetime. We strive to innovate the air filtration media continuously and make sure Aeropro stands as one of the major notable suppliers of Air Filtration Products worldwide.   

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