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AAF Flanders


AAF Flanders


AAF traces its roots to Bill Reed, a skilled engineer and clever entrepreneur who already recognized in 1921 that cleaning air is crucial for the protection of human health and the optimization of production processes. He developed "Reed Air Filter" and this was actually the first step in building an international company that would play a leading worldwide role in the field of solutions for 'clean air' - AAF.

Based on its strong history, continuous investments in R&D and commitment within the industry, AAF has built significant expertise in solutions for clean air. Solutions, which are able to make a difference in answering to today’s challenges with respect to environment and human health.

The comprehensive product and service portfolio comprises a complete range of filters for both solid particles and gaseous molecular substances, based on which a customized clean air solution can be provided. All products are designed and tested according to the latest filtration standards such as ISO16890 (former EN779:2012) and EN1822:2009.

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