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WFI 2021 Virtual Conference

WFI 2021 Virtual Conference

Password: WFI2021

Conference Agenda

Session 1: Market Dynamics and Mega Trends after COVID-19

8:10-8:35         Healthy Buildings are the Best Medicines for our Well Being, Mr. Sean O’Reilly, AAF Flanders, USA

8 :35-9:00        Air Filtration - What Products the General Public, Building Managers and Government Officials May Look for During and Post Pandemic?, Dr. You-Zhi Tang, Canada CleanTech Capital, Canada

9:00-9:25         COVID as a Catalyst for Filtration Industry Changes, Mr. Bob Mcilvaine, The Mcilvaine Company, USA

9:25-9:50         The Future of Indoor Air Quality: Leveraging Outcomes to Sustain a Focus on IAQ post-COVID, Mr. Tyler Smith, Johnson Controls, USA

Session 2: Novel Clean Air Solutions for Public Health

10:00-10:25     High quality Air Filtration for improved Indoor Air Quality, Dr. Thomas Caesar, Freudenberg Filtration Technologies, Germany

10:25-10:50     Air Filtration Solutions to Minimize Infection Risks, Dr. Christof Asbach, Institute of Energy and Environmental Technology, Germany

10:50-11:15     What Does HVAC Need for the New COVID-19 Challenges?, Dr. Zhengwei Long, HVAC Engineering, Tianjin University, China

11:15-11:40     Dr. Ellie Amirnasr, Your Brain on Air Pollution, qlair, USA

Wednesday, December 8, 2021 , 8:00 am – 12:00 pm, EST

Session 3: Emerging Technologies in Water Filtration

8:10-8:35         Improving filtration Performance Using Activated Filter Media AFM, Mr. Jochen Kallenberg, Dryden Aqua, Switzerland

8 :35-9:00        Ultrathin Silica Membranes with Straight-Through Channels for High-Performance Nanofiltrations, Dr. Kuo-lun (Allan) Tung, National Taiwan University, Taiwan

9:00-9:25         Distributed Water Treatment and Reuse: The NAWI Vision, Dr. Peter Fiske, National Alliance for Water Innovation (NAWI), USA

9:25-9:50         New Developments in Conservation and Reuse of Water in Industrial Processes, Dr. Anntti Häkkinen, LUT University, Finland

9:50-10:00       Bio Break

Session 4: New Techniques in Product Evaluation

10:00-10:25     Face Mask Performance Requirements and Testing Industry Trends Resulting from the Pandemic, Ms. Sarah Smit, Nelson Laboratories, LLC, USA

10:25-10:50     Facility and equipment to Study, by-products produced by air cleaners with technologies other than filtration, Mr. Al Vatine, LMS Technologies, Inc., USA

10:50-11:15     Upgrading of the existing standards to qualify nano and microfiltration water filter cartridges, Dr. Nicolas Petillon, IFTS, France

11:15-11:40     Adsorption Filtration of Harmful Chemicals for Clean Air and Water, Dr. Miao Li, Cummins Filtration, USA

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