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The Waterloo Filtration Institute offers the most comprehensive, affordable, and convenient career/business development opportunities to support the global filtration industry. The 22+ high-quality online courses in our certified filtration and separation specialist program (CFSS) specially designed and instructed by globally leading experts cover:​

  • Filter Media Market and Technologies

  • Nonwoven Filter Media Market and Technologies 

  • Nanofiber and Membrane Filter Media

  • Air Filtration Principles, Technologies, and Market Applications

  • Liquid Filtration Principles, Technologies, and Market Applications

  • Air Filter Design

  • Liquid Filter Design

  • Air/Liquid Filter Testing and Evaluation

  • Face Mask Market and Technologies

  • Engine Intake and Cabin Air Filtration 

  • Hydraulic/Fuel/Lube/Oil Filtration 

  • HVAC Air Filtration for Hospitals, Schools, Residential and Commercial Buildings

  • Particle/Air Separation

  • Solid/Liquid Separation

  • Filtration and Separation in Water Treatment

  • Clean Air Solutions in Response to COVID

In addition to our specialist certification programs, we also provide customized training programs to address the specific needs of our clients. 

Certified Filtration and Separation Specialist program 2023

Customized Training 

We provide customized training tailored for your specific needs.

CFSS 2023 Program 

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