We provide the following courses:

  • Introduction to Air Filtration

  • Introduction to Liquid Filtration

  • Introduction to Filter Media

  • Nonwovens in Filtration

  • Membranes in Filtration

  •  Filtration Fundamentals

  • Advanced Nonwovens in Filtration

  • Nanofiber Technologies in Air Filtration

  • Engine Intake Air Filtration 

  • Air Cleaning for Stationary Sources

  • Indoor Air Quality

  • Air Emission Sampling and Characterization

  • Hydraulic Filtration 

  • Fuel Filtration

  • HVAC Air Filtration Training for Commercial Building Operations

  • Adsorption and Wet Scrubbing

  • Gas Solid Separation

In addition to our standard certification programs, we also provide customized training programs to address specific needs of our clients . 

CFSS Education Program 2021

Customized Training 

We provide customized training tailored for your needs.

Certified Filtration & Separation Specialists