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Welcome Dr. Uyioghosa Igie to WFI Advisory Board

On behalf of the Waterloo Filtration Institute team and the WFI Advisory Board, we would like to extend our warmest welcome to Dr. Uyioghosa Igie as a new member of our advisory board.

Dr. Uyioghosa Igie, a Senior Lecturer specializing in Gas Turbine Engineering and Operations, currently serves as the Course Director for the part-time MSc program in Thermal Power and Propulsion Engineering, meticulously designed to cater to industry professionals.

With a PhD in Gas Turbine Engineering earned 11 years ago from Cranfield University, Dr. Igie has steered the academic journey of over 80 post-graduate students, including 10 PhD candidates and approximately 70 MSc students, in the role of their primary supervisor.

Dr. Igie is an accomplished expert in the realm of gas turbine performance, focusing on areas such as compressor fouling degradation, optimization of air filter and compressor washing techniques, enhancement of operational flexibility, and pioneering research in hydrogen combustion. His extensive body of work has found a home in various prestigious journals, and he has forged impactful collaborations with major players in the gas turbine industry, including Mitsubishi Power, Rolls Royce, BP, the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand, R-MC Power Recovery Ltd, Camfil Air Filters, and the PIC Group.

Notably, Dr. Igie's research endeavors at Cranfield University have successfully attracted more than £1 million in research funding under his leading contribution as Principal Investigator.

At WFI, our mission is to support the growth of the global filtration industry and advance the sciences and technologies of filtration and separation processes for a clean, healthy, and sustainable world. We are excited and honored to have Dr. Igie join the WFI Advisory Board. He will be an invaluable asset and contributor as we continue to work together to promote advanced filtration and separation technologies a cleaner, healthier, and more sustainable world.

Once again, Welcome Onboard, Dr. Igie!


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