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The Digital Transformation of Clean Air Management

In an effort to connect our presenters with the participants, WFI is launching a series of posts to reveal what you can expect in our conference. In this issue, we are very proud to present Dr. Ellie Amirnasr and her topic at WFI 2020.

“Dr. Ellie Amirnasr is a fiber and polymer scientist with more than 10 years of experience in filtration technologies and clean air solutions. She started her career at MANN+HUMMEL as an innovation project manager in 2013 to work on future products in the filtration industry. Close to the end of 2017, she joined the entrepreneurship program of MANN+HUMMEL and by January 2018 she co-founded qlair. At qlair, she is dedicated to helping facility management professionals be more efficient in their building operations and indoor environment control. In two years qlair team built a platform that offers comprehensive and unparalleled visibility into air quality and HVAC's operating conditions with real-time alerts on air quality, remaining filter life, fan capacity, and so much more. qlair ”

Abstract of Dr. Ellie Presentation:

The Digital Transformation of Clean Air Management

It is no secret that our world has become rapidly digitized, and facility management is no exception. With the introduction of smart buildings and IoT devices, digital solutions are being developed every day to help facility managers save time, money, and energy. But while we attach sensors and monitors to just about every piece of equipment in our buildings, we often overlook the world’s most valuable asset... clean air. Utilizing clean air management effectively involves selecting the right sensors for your facility’s goals, compiling and analyzing the data to develop actionable insights, and ultimately using these data to make critical, informed decisions on what to do next. In doing so, your facility will realize significant energy, material, labour, and operating costs savings.

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