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Should I Join CFSS 2023 program?

Should you join the Certified Filtration and Separation Program 2023 (CFSS 2023)? See what business leaders, engineers, account managers, professors, sales managers, and graduate students said from their experiences. Below are some testimonials from recent CFSS class graduates.

"I am very happy to graduate from CFSS 2022 Class. As you know, I have over 20 years of experience in filtration practices, but live and learn. It is not too late to learn. I still registered as a student for the CFSS 2022 Class. I found it very comprehensive and well-organized, very helpful to my professional career, especially when I do consulting work for the semiconductor industry for water and air filtration. l learned a lot from the one-year courses and I encourage young professionals to keep it up to learn and participate in such a well-organized program."

"Filtration is a very segmented and dynamic market, directly impacting the air we breathe and the water we drink. It is important for us to continue to learn, grow and update our knowledge. We appreciate the unique, top-notch education program WFI offers to our students and the industry."

Dr. Kuo-Lun (Allan) Tung, Distinguished Professor and Director, NTU, Taiwan

It’s important for all to continue to grow and learn with a top-notched training program as the WFI CFSS program. I highly recommend it to anyone who has been on or currently joined the career in the clean space.”

"Look at this program, not only is the value unmatched, but also the curriculum was delivered by absolutely leading experts from the field... Through this training, I was able to bring my perspective and get a lot of ideas about how different technologies and practices in other areas of filtration can be successfully implemented in my space as well."

"Even for the area I specialized, the expert panel at the end of each session always timely and relevantly addressed current issues and hottest topics to make sure that you were not only learning the core fundamentals but megatrends, impacts, what are the most important issues right now"

Mr. Bart Sistrunk, General Manager, Vice President, Mativ, USA

"I want to personally thank the entire WFI team for arranging such an excellent program and wonderful conference. It was highly knowledgeable and it's time for me now to apply it in my day-to-day job"

– Mr. Raj Bharath, Senior Product Design Engineer, MANN+HUMMEL Group, India

"WFI education program is a unique complete package program for the filtration industry. The program covered the chain of filtration concepts from polymer, fiber, media, element, system, standard, test, marketing, and strategy. This program includes both scientific and practical sides...utilization of very professional experts from international knowledge-base companies."

Dr. Mehdi Shirmohamadi, R&D manager of TERMEH Co., Istanbul, Turkey

"The Course content was rich with valuable subjects & technical info. From the Market size and applications to filter media technologies, filtration principles, filter design, and testing, all in all, on point explained and tutored by professionals for us to appreciate the importance of Air filtration. Being a certified filtration specialist opened for me a new chapter in my career, which I can simplify by saying, building & strengthening my confidence and boosting my approach toward that step to reach my goals when I'm providing a solution for my clients when it comes to Air Filtration & Separation solutions.

Mr. Assaad Abdallah, Marketing & Sales Manager, Three Dimensions Modern Trading, Oman

“The program really exposed me to a number of areas in filtration that I was not aware of before the course…I will definitely try my best to be more involved in the field as much as possible”

Mr. Kiarash (Kia) Kiantaj, Engineer, LMS Technology, USA

“Wonderful Conference and the Certified Filtration and Separation Specialist program was really worth the time”

Ms. Kate Wilson, Senior Advanced Materials Engineer, Knowlton Tech., LLC, USA

"Thanks so much for the excellent program and your great support. I am very proud to be a CFSS."

Ms. Lydia Chen, Technical General Manager, MayAir, China

"Highly appreciate WFI for providing such a valuable and unique learning opportunity for students. "

Dr. Yun Liang, Professor, South China University of Technology, China

It is an honor to have the opportunity to have taken these courses. It helped me understand filtration and separation. I learned a lot from the program”

Tainle You, Graduate Student of South China University Technology, China

See CFSS 2023 Program Schedule and Register here.


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