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New Developments in Conservation and Reuse of Water

New Developments in Conservation and Reuse of Water in Industrial Processes Professor Antti Häkkinen is a globally renowned expert in the areas of solid/liquid separation at LUT University, Finland. He has worked on various issues related to solid/liquid separation and characteristics of filter materials and particulate materials for over 20 years. His research group is in its field the only academic research group in Finland and is well networked internationally.

Distributed Water Treatment and Reuse: The NAWI Vision, Dr. Peter Fiske is the Executive Director of NAWI – the National Alliance for Water Innovation headquartered at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab running the Department of Energy’s Desalination Hub, a 5-year, $110M research program to radically cut the cost and energy consumption for water treatment in a variety of applications. He is also the Director of the Water-Energy Resilience Research Institute at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

Improving filtration Performance Using Activated Filter Media AFM Mr. Jochen Kallenberg is currently the Director for Water Treatment of Dryden Aqua, Switzerland. He has 25 years of extensive experience in the water & wastewater treatment industry, previously working for global leading membrane and mineral technology companies such as Toray Industries, Inge Membranes, and Omya International. Alliance (IAIA).

Ultrathin Silica Membranes with Straight-Through Channels for High-Performance Nanofiltrations Dr. Kuo-Lun (Allan) Tung, is a Distinguished Professor of the Department of Chemical Engineering at National Taiwan University (NTU) in Taipei, Taiwan. Before joining NTU, he was the Director of the R&D Centre for Membrane Technology at Chung Yuan University from 2009 to 2012, with a specialty of research and development on membrane filtration applications for water and wastewater treatment for 20 years. He is now the vice-chair of the membrane technology specialist group in the International Water Association (IWA), newly elected fellow of IWA since 2019.


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