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More Air Filtration – Gas Phase Filtration – June 23, 2020

More information from the Waterloo Filtration Guy. This week's course was very interesting with Dr. Tan from the University of Waterloo, who provided a lot of great information from the particles in the air we breathe to those that we remove from our processes. He also reviewed all of the ways to mechanically and electronically remove these particles. After taking this course, I felt that I had a lot more specific information on this topic and felt that Dr. Tan's presentation was outstanding and well-targeted. In this course, we will learn about other mechanisms of filtration that are used to remove contaminants from air streams or recover valuable products from air streams. The pictures below are just a few examples.

Cyclone Dust Collector Electronic Precipitators

Now on to our next class – Gas Phase Filtration – Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Next week we are moving into the exciting world of Gas-Phase filtration with Mr. Jameson – President of Pure Air. I must admit this type of filtration is quite different from the others we have discussed, as it uses several new terms to our coursebook. This will be a very interesting course, to say the least, and will provide you with added knowledge in the world of air filtration and contaminant removal.

The course objective will help you get an overall understanding of the gas phase filtration market and technologies for air purification in terms of removing harmful gases, VOCs, and odours, etc. It covers basic principles, different types of adsorbents and their functions in use, delivery systems of adsorbents, products in different application markets. It is essential for the Certified Filtration and Separation Specialist to understand these pre-filtration separation processes because they are often needed in the design of filtration systems to extend the systems' life and reduce costs.

Looking Forward to Future Courses – We may be talking about this filter below that uses all types of filtration processes that we have been discussing to obtain the result of clean water.

The courses offered by Waterloo Filtration Institute provide excellent value for your educational money and can offer you a wealth of information to use in your career, no matter where it takes you.

So again, I ask that you take a look at our training courses at to learn something new about the world of filtration and get though creative genes sparked up. Become a Certified Filtration and Separation Specialist; even though classes are already started, we can always make room for more and maybe after you look at the courses yet available, you will find something of interest; if not, we could add something just for you. We can work with any kind of economic situation and are sure that there is something of interest in our elections. So, please take a look at the courses on our website you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Remember, you can still register for courses at

Have a Safe Weekend and to all Fathers Happy Fathers Day --- Waterloo Filtration Guy!!!


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