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Liquid Filtration, June 21

Liquid Filtration

Waterloo Filtration Institute will kick off our liquid program with the Liquid Filtration course on June 21, 2022, 8:00 - 10:00 am EDT, by Dr. Wu Chen, R&D Fellow from Dow USA. The curriculum is designed for people in technical, sales, or business functions who want to further their knowledge and careers in the liquid filtration market. It covers the fundamentals of liquid filtration and in-depth analyses of liquid filtration processes, market applications, and recent developments. We are honored to have Dr.-Ing. Thomas Peters (Director, Dr.-Ing. Peters Consulting, Germany), Dr.-ing Nicolas PETILLON (CTO, IFTS, France), and Dr. Christine Sun (President, WFI) join for Q&A and panel discussion. For more info, click here.

Air Filtration

Want to advance your career in air filtration and filter media technologies this summer? If so, this unique 2022 summer program is just for you. See why and Register now for 50% off!

WFI 2022 Conference

Any innovations? Click here to nominate your Product of the Year and see who the winners were in the last two years.


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