Let’s look at Dirty Liquids – Liquid Filtration I& II – July 8 & 15, 2020

More cool stuff from the Waterloo Filtration Guy. This week’s course was given by Mr. Bob Burkhead President of Blue Heaven Technology, well known for its ground breaking work in testing of air filters and media. He reviewed and explained all of the ways to test and evaluate Air Filter products and how to interpret the values you get back from the testing source. He also showed how the size of the particle contaminant influences the ways it can be filtered using a number of practical examples. He also reviewed the filtration mechanisms involved in capturing these contaminants and some of the more recent filter guidelines. The graphics below shows just how different particles are in size.



We also reviewed the fundamental concepts of air resistance and air penetration as see below:

Penetration = What passes through the filter :

P% = 100 X (downstream /upstream) P % = 100 – E%

Efficiency = What is captured by the filter (reciprocal of penetration):

E% = 100 X (1- downstream/upstream) E % = 100 – P %

Bob also covered the steps involved in filter development and the crucial things that must be considered when in the design phase. We reviewed the global test standards and compared each as it relates to the filter efficiency and performance comparisons country to country and how to relate them. This was a really great course and we learned a lot from Bob’s expert instruction .

The next course will move into areas we have not yet discussed and will introduce you to a numbers of terms that you may not have heard before so taking both of these courses really is important. As the Waterloo Filtration Guy I strongly urge you to take this course on Liquid Filtration and to sign up for our Certified Filtration & Separation Specialist program it is definitely worth the money.

Next Wednesday July 8th will start our journey into the myterious world of liquid filtration which is quite different to that of air filtration. Dr. Wu Chen – Principle Scientist at Dow Chemical will lead our first two courses on Liquid Filtration on July 8 & 15 and they promise to be very enlightening.