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June 2, 2020 – Learn More Air Filtration with Experts

From fundamentals to recent developments, this course gives you an overall understanding of the air filtration market, technologies, and their applications in various areas, such as HVAC, transportation, industrial dust removal, gas turbines, paint spray booths, clean rooms, hot gas filtration, air purification, personal protection, etc. Emerging technologies, challenges and trends for future development are discussed.

Waterloo Filtration Institute completed Air Filtration I yesterday presented by Ms. Kathleen Owen, ASHRAE Fellow, ASHRAE 52.2 Chair; Dr. Christine Sun AFS Fellow, President of Waterloo Filtration Institute and Mr. Bob Burkhead, President of Blue Heaven Technologies. The course video recording is now available . It covered:

1. Air Filtration Market and Impact of COVID-19

2. Air Filtration Fundamentals

3. COVID-19 Response: Surging demand for air filtration

4. Air Filter Design Process

5. Performance Evaluation and Test Standards

The course will continue next Tuesday (June 2, 8:00am-10:30am, ET) with Air Filtration II. The agenda is below:

6. Air Filter Products and Technologies (Dr. Christine Sun, 8:00-8:55a)

HVAC Filters, Air Filters in Transportation, Industrial Dust Removal, Gas Turbine filtration, Hot Gas Filtration, Personal Protection, Clean Room Filtration, Air Purifiers, Specialties

7. Market Trends and Opportunities

8. Bio-break (5 min)

9. Panel Discussion with leading experts in Air Filtration (Mr. Bob Burkhead, Ms. Kathleen Owen, Mr. Jim Rosenthal of Air Relief Technologies and Mr. Joel Swann of AAF)

10. How Air Filters and Air Purifiers Affect Indoor Air Quality (Jim Rosenthal, 9:00-9:15a)

11. COVID-19 Air Filtration Mitigation Responses (Joel Swan, 9:15-9:40a)

Filter Change Out PPE, Bypass Elimination, Best Mitigation Strategy, Quickest Mitigation Strategy, Air Filtration Total Cost of Ownership, Other Air Cleaning Technologies: UVGI, Air Purifiers

12. Questions and Answers (all, 9:40-10:00a)

13. Networking online (all, 10:00-10:30a))


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