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Fashion in Efficient Consumer Masks

Face masks have played an increasingly critical role in keeping people safe during the current pandemic. It has become a new norm to wear masks and there is a clear trend of fashion design in the efficient, comfortable, and reusable face masks. Since 2011, Vogmask® has provided filtering face masks for helping to protect from microscopic airborne particles in poor air quality, natural disaster, dust, mould, and biologics, while supporting clean air awareness efforts worldwide. Vogmask is highly efficient for filtering 0.3-micron particles, tight-fitting for a good seal, comfortable to wear with easy breathing, available in many designs, and manufactured under Quality Plan for confirming safe and effective products. In this presentation, the importance of design in consumer masks for protection, comfort, compliance, and sustainability will be addressed.

An American family story! Join us at WFI 2020 next week with Ms. Wendover Brown and she will share her experience, knowledge, technical data and her vision on this fantastic topic to keep people safe, healthy, and happy. Ms. Brown is the Founder/Partner at Ohlone Press, LLC, Creator of Vogmask®, a former publisher and committed environmentalist. Founded with her son, Marc Brown, Vogmask® brings design to efficient consumer mask products to play a role in benefitting global public health.


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