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Air Filtration for Hospitals, Oct. 20

Ask yourself these questions:

How should we properly select HVAC air filters in the hospital environment to minimize the risk of virus infection and protect our health workers? How to monitor, measure, and manage the air filtration systems for hospitals? How to schedule optimum change-out frequency and comply with ASHRAE/ASHE/JCAHO requirements and the latest CDC COVID-19 guidelines?

If you have these questions in mind, then this course is just for you. It is designed especially for HVAC Air Filtration Training for Health Care Facilities. You will learn invaluable knowledge and practical expertise from the top experts in the field. It will cover the basics of hospital air filtration, how to select air filters, schedule filter change-out, tricks of the trade and traps to avoid, and how to monitor and manage your HVAC air filtration system. The latest requirements and guidelines associated with COVID-19 will also be addressed.

We are grateful to have two top experts from the field to teach this course: Mr. Steven Nicholas, Past President of the National Air Filter Association (NAFA), and Mr. Joel Swann, Product Manager of AAF/Flanders. will provide you with all of the latest requirements and rules for your Medical Facility.

This program, Air Filtration for Hospitals, will take place on October 20, 2020, and is now available for Registration. These two dynamic speakers will provide you with an invaluable understanding of this subject matter.

Don’t Forget !!!

Waterloo Filtration Institutes’ IAQ Health and Safety Solution Conference, December 15-16, 2020, from 8 -12 pm EST and is now open for Early Bird Registration. This year’s conference will take place online due to our respect for the COVID 19 guidelines. We will have 16 distinguished speakers addressing 4 current topics associated with our current pandemic.

Look what our Students Have Learned So Far and what is still available via the web Join Now! Take advantage of this opportunity to advance your career while you are home or anywhere at your convenience. All the required CFSS Courses are now Available on Demand with registration. It is still not too late to join the CFSS 2020 program to become a Certified Filtration and Separation Specialist. Registration will be open until October 30.

Nonwovens in Filtration by Dr. Gajanan Bhat

Filter Media Technologies by Dr. Christine Sun

Air Filtration I &II by Ms. Kathleen Owen et al. Particle/Air Separation, by Dr. Chao Tan

Gas Phase Filtration by Mr. Kevin Jameson

Liquid Filtration I & II by Dr. Wu Chen

Face Mask Technologies I & II by Dr. Christine Sun

Membranes in Filtration by Mr. Scott P. Yaeger

Nanofibers in Filtration by Dr. Christine Sun

Fuel/Oil/Hydraulic and Lube Filtration by Mr. Gary Bessee, et al.


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