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WFI 2020 Virtual Conference

WFI 2020 Virtual Conference

Password: WFI2020

Conference Agenda

Session 1: Emerging Challenges and Responses

8:10-8:35a         Cleaning Air during A Global Pandemic, Dr. Thomas Caesar, Freudenberg Filtration Technologies

8:35-9:00a         Recent advances in assessing the role of respiratory droplets in spreading of COVID-19, Dr. Abhishek Saha, University  of California San Diego

9:00-9:25a         Impact of COVID 2019 on the Air filtration Industry, Bob Mcilvaine, The Mcilvaine Company

9:25-9:50a         Center of Excellence in Protective Equipment and Materials, Dr. Ravi Selvaganapathy, McMaster University

Session 2: IAQ and The Built Environment

10:00-10:25a     Shifting Paradigms for the Future of Air Filtration, Hunter Most, AAF Flanders

10:25-10:50a     How the onset of the Coronavirus Pandemic has forever influenced the air filtration industry, Joe Gorman, Camfil

10:50-11:15a     A Closer Look at Air Filtration, Indoor Air Quality and Covid-19, Jim Rosenthal, Tex-Air Filters

11:15-11:40a     The Digital Transformation of Clean Air Management, Dr. Ellie Amirnasr, qlair

Session 3: Facemask Technologies and Latest Developments

8:10-8:35a         Specifications and Ideal Performance of Masks for Protection against COVID-19, Dr. Peter Tsai, Univ of Tenn.

8:35-9:00a         Respiratory Filtration Using Nanofibers, Dr. Jayesh Doshi, eSpin

9:00-9:25a         Fashion in Efficient Consumer Masks, Wendover Brown, Ohlone Press, LLC

9:25-9:50a         Pandem-trepreneurship, Mike Atkinson, T3Gear

9:50-10:00a       Bio Break

Session 4: Facemask/Air Filter Test Methods and Standards

10:00-10:25a   Latest Update of HVAC Air Cleaner Testing, Kathleen Owen, ASHRAE Fellow and 52.2 Chair

10:25-10:50a     Comparing test methods for respirators, medical masks and barrier face covering to improvised methods used during COVID-19, Tim Johnson, TSI

10:50-11:15a     An outline of current medical face mask performance requirements and testing, Janelle R. Bentz, Nelson Labs

11:15-11:40a     In-Place Measure, Monitor and Manage Air Filtration System Associated with COVID-19, Stephen Nicholas, Past President @ NAFA, Expert of In-Place Testing and management of Air Filtration System

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