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WFI Member Spotlight: Freudenberg Filtration Technologies (FFT)

In this issue of WFI Member Spotlight, we are proud to present you with some insights on our corporate member Freudenberg Filtration Technologies (FFT), a global technology leader and manufacturer in air and liquid filtration.

About FFT

Filtration is our passion. We have been active in this fascinating world since 1957, advancing the field and setting new standards: for clean air, for clear water, for our customers. As part of the Freudenberg Group with more than 51,000 employees around the world, our thoughts and actions are guided by reliable values. We are one of eleven Business Groups and operate 43 facilities in 22 countries, 14 of which can be found in North America.

As a global manufacturer of high performance filtration solutions, we offer products for industrial and residential applications, the automotive industry as well as the consumer industry. Some of the well-known brands include Viledon®, micronAir®, and BestAir®. The goal is to protect people, enhance processes and improve sustainability across the globe.

We cannot eliminate the causes of air and water pollution. However, we can make a small contribution towards making the world more livable: With clean air and pure water. With the help of innovative filtration solutions for a greater quality of life. With dedicated and passionate employees.

We take action wherever and whenever pure air and clean water are needed. Helping our customers provide a healthy environment is highly satisfactory and provides a source of joy and hope for the future. It makes us proud to support our customers with sustainable solutions. This drives us to renew our efforts every day and strengthens our believe that any problem has a solution.

We harness the protective power of filters for the well-being of all. We help clear the way for companies to operate more efficiently, sustainable, and in a way, which allows current and future success in their business. We go beyond the minimum requirements to help set new goals and standards. This is why we are active in many associations and standardization bodies. We believe that, together, we can help move the industries we are active in forward. We strive to be an innovation and technology leader so that we can provide superior filtration solutions to improve the quality of life.

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Why We Join WFI

  • To help educate the broader audience as well as professionals in the field of filtration.

  • To share our expertise and to learn more in areas we have opportunities to expand our knowledge in.

  • To connect with other people who are equally passionate about filtration.

  • To build a global network of experts in order to together lobby for a better focus on the importance of clean air and water.

  • To more efficiently keep up with the pulse of the industry – locally as well as globally.

About WFI

The Waterloo Filtration Institute (WFI) is a global non-profit organization dedicated to propelling the filtration and separation industry towards a cleaner, healthier, and more sustainable future. Through our comprehensive education programs and robust industry support, we equip individuals with the knowledge, creativity, and skills to drive innovation and excellence. We offer a broad spectrum of resources, from cutting-edge research on filtration technologies to professional certification and networking opportunities. At WFI, we're bridging the gap between academia and industry to advance filtration and separation processes worldwide. Join us in our mission to create a better world through innovative filtration solutions.

Your membership opens the doors to many opportunities for your business growth. It demonstrates your leadership and dedication to building your team and future for a cleaner, healthier, and better world. It gains recognition in the global filtration community and keeps you at the forefront of industry advancement with sustainable innovations for healthy living and the surrounding environment. With decades of professional experience and resources worldwide, we are committed to offering our members and the industry the most effective and efficient advanced filtration solutions to support their business growth. Member companies can access all our professional education programs and services for free or at half price. Find more about the member benefits here.

Thank you for your continuous support and engagement with the Waterloo Filtration Institute. Together, we're advancing the understanding and practice of filtration technologies for a clean, healthy, and sustainable world.


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