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WFI 2021 Recognition – Innovative Product Award

One of this year’s Innovative Idea Awarded was presented to TSI for their Automated Filter Tester Model 8150 is for 100% quality assurance testing of P100, FFP3, and similar respiratory filters and cartridges directly in the production line. The 8150 is a highly compact automated filter tester that can easily be retrofitted into any existing production line. Using much of the same technologies provides matching results to the Automated Filter Tester 8130A while being optimized for high-volume throughput and round-the-clock remote operation.

“We would like to recognize all of our participants,” as Mitch said, “but a special thanks to TSI for the development of this new type of testing equipment”; For more information, go to

We here at Waterloo Filtration Institute want to thank all of our speakers, committee members, moderators, chairs, and WFI sponsors for contributing to this very successful WFI 2021 Annual Conference. Thanks to everyone for your participation.

We wish you all a very Happy Holiday Season!!!


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