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WFI 2021 Recognition – Innovative Product Award

This year’s Innovative Idea Award was presented to Dryden Aqua for the Activated Filter Media - AFM® based on green and brown up-cycled container glass manufactured in state-of-the-art factories. AFM® contains metal oxide catalysts that generate free hydroxyl radicals, leading to a high oxidation potential and preventing bacteria from growing on the surface of AFM®. During the 3-step chemical and heat activation (sol-gel) process, the AFM® surface increases by generating a mesoporous surface structure. In the activation process, a negative surface charge (AFM®-s) or hydrophobic surface (AFM®-ng) is established, providing for superior surface adsorption and filtration performance, including excellent removal of heavy metals, sub-micron particles, and organic molecules such as oil (hydrocarbons) and microplastics.

“We would like to recognize all of our participants,” as Mitch said, “but a special thanks to Dryden Aqua for this innovative product designed to replace and improve deep bed filtration”. For more information go to Dryden Aqua.

“This is great news! Very much appreciate being selected for the product of the year award in water filtration,”

Jochen Kallenberg, Director of Water Treatment, Dryden Aqua

We here at Waterloo Filtration Institute want to thank all of our speakers, committee members, moderators, chairs, and WFI sponsors for contributing to this very successful WFI 2021 Annual Conference. Thanks to everyone for your participation.

We wish you all a very Happy Holiday Season!!!


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