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WFI 2021 Recognition – Emerging Technology Award

One of this year’s Emerging Product of the Year was awarded to Molymem from the University of Manchester (UK). This product uses 2D materials in particular areas of interest for membrane technology as they can be used to form laminar structures allowing rejection of specific items. The Molymem membranes consist of laminar stacked 2D materials which have been chemically functionalized to allow for tuneable rejection to be achieved while maintaining high solvent flux.

“Molymem are honored to receive the Award for Emerging Technology of the Year from the Waterloo Filtration Institute (WFI). Our patented technology is still in its infancy, and being recognized by industry experts like this is invaluable to us as a start-up company.”

Dr. Mark Bissett, Senior Lecturer in Nanomaterials, University of Manchester

“We would like to recognize all of our participants but a special thanks to our Emerging Products Winners: Molymem - University of Manchester (UK) and Tiangong University in conjunction with Tianshengyuan Glass Microfiber Technology Co., LTD for combining high temp synthetic with glass (China).”

Mitch McCreary, Director of Marketing, Waterloo Filtration Institute

We here at Waterloo Filtration Institute want to thank all of our speakers, committee members, moderators, chairs, and WFI sponsors for contributing to this very successful WFI 2021 Annual Conference. Thanks to everyone for your participation.

We wish you all a very Happy Holiday Season!!!


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