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WFI 2021 Recognition – 2021 Emerging Technology

One of these years, Emerging Idea was awarded to Tiangong University in conjunction with Tianshengyuan Glass Microfiber Technology Co., LTD for Novel Hi-Tem Filter Media (China). The creation of a truly unique process for combining high-temperature fibers with glass is revolutionary. The staple fiber net is carded into a single fiber state by the cylinder. Under the action of the airflow generated by the blasting device, it enters the diffusion tube. It mixes with the glass fiber produced by the flame injection method to prepare PPS micron fiber/glass fiber mixed fiber layer.

“We would like to recognize all of our participants but a special thanks” to both of these companies for developing this new technique”; For more information, go to our website.

Mitch McCreary, Director of Marketing Waterloo Filtration Institute

“We are so honored to receive this award in such a distinguished professional group.”

Xiaoming Qian, Professor of Tiangong University, China

“Thanks for the honor, and we are thrilled to receive this emerging technology award. We will continue to invest and work on this exciting technology and hope we can have it commercialized for the POY nomination in 2022.”

Pei Qiao, President and CEO, Tianshengyuan Glass Microfiber Technology Co., LTD, China

We here at Waterloo Filtration Institute want to thank all of our speakers, committee members, moderators, chairs, and WFI sponsors for contributing to this very successful WFI 2021 Annual Conference. Thanks to everyone for your participation.

We wish you all a very Happy Holiday Season!!!


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