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WFI 2020 Conference Day TWO

Waterloo Filtration Institute (WFI) completed the second day of a global two-day conference with great attendance and some very professional and knowledgeable speakers. Today’s topics focused on two current issues; 1. Facemask Technologies and Latest Developments and 2. Facemask/Air Filter Test Methods and Standards. Each session had sessions had between 8 speakers listed below;

Dr. Peter Tsai - Specifications and Ideal Performance of Masks for Protection against COVID-19,

Dr. Jayesh Doshi - Respiratory Filtration Using Nanofibers,

Ms. Wendover Brown - Fashion in Efficient Consumer Masks

Mr. Mike Atkinson - T3Gear Pandem-trepreneurship,

Mr. Tim Johnson - Comparing test methods for respirators, medical masks and barrier face covering to improvised methods used during COVID-19,

Ms. Janelle R. Bentz - An outline of current medical face mask performance requirements and testing,

Mr. Stephen Nicholas - In-Place Measure, Monitor and Manage Air Filtration System Associated with COVID

*A special Thanks to All of our speakers and Attendees and Participants*

Highlights - The highlight and conclusion of our program was our CFSS Certification Ceremony - Waterloo Filtration Institute (WFI) recognized our students who have completed their training to become Certified Filtration and Separation Specialist. Some of our students are pictured below, having completed all of the required and many additional courses offered by WFI. This course offers a great introduction to the Filtration Industry and basic technology.

Student of The Year – All of our students were given exams and scored on their knowledge of the Filtration subjects taught in the program in order to attain certification. All students performed very well but some individuals did exceptionally well. We would like to recognize the student with this award Kiarash Kiantaj, from LMS Technology in Minneapolis, MN.

Kiarash Kiantaj

LMS Technologies, Inc.

Thanks to all of our speakers, instructors, panelists, attendees, and CFSS students for your participation and support in 2020.

Happy Holidays from our Team at Waterloo Filtration Institute !!

More exciting things coming from WFI for 2021 after the Holidays!


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