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Welcome Ms. Jennifer Nelson as WFI Ambassador in Canada

Waterloo Filtration Institute welcomes Ms. Jennifer Nelson , WFI Ambassador in Canada, onboard.

Ms. Nelson has over 30 years of business experience in varies industries in Sales, Management and Executive Roles. 8 years as a Filtration Product Specialist with a wealth of experience in researching and studying innovative emerging technologies in the air filtration industry. Encapsulated Electrostatic Precipitation has been my focus with recent advancements Adept at identifying clients needs and ailoring innovative filtration solutions to drive efficiency and optimize processes. With a deep understanding of filtration technologies and their applications across diverse industries, She is committed to delivering results that enhance operational performance and environmental sustainability.

With a deep passion for filtration and a commitment to providing unmatched solutions, Ms. Nelson is dedicated to optimizing process, improving air quality , and contributing to a cleaner, more sustainable world. She is delicated to empowering clients with the right air filtration solutions that align with their unique requirements and drive lasting success.

At WFI, our mission is to support the growth of the global filtration industry and advance the sciences and technologies of filtration and separation processes for a clean, healthy, and sustainable world. We are excited and honored to have Ms. Nelson as WFI Ambassador in Canada. She will be an invaluable messenger and contributor as we continue to work together to promote advanced filtration and separation technologies for a cleaner, healthier, and more sustainable world. Jennifer, welcome aboard! Join Ms. Jennifer Nelson with leading global experts at the upcoming WFI 2023 Virtual Annual Conference, December 5-6 (WFI 2023). It will be an international leadership conference to address the critical roles of filtration and separation for healthy living, surrounding environments, and their impacts on future generations. Check the full program here.


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