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Today's Incredible Filtration Hour: Watch for Free!

We at Waterloo Filtration Institute (WFI) want to extend our heartfelt gratitude to all the esteemed speakers who graced us with their insights this morning. Their contributions have once again enriched our educational program, providing valuable and captivating perspectives on the realm of sustainability in the context of air filtration for HVAC applications.

The expert panel included:

  • Jenny Berens, PhD, Filter Engr. Mgr., Freudenberg Filtration Technologies., US

  • Paul Lambart, Visiting Acad. Fellow, Cranfield University, UK

  • Tobias Zimmer, Vice President, Camfil AB, DE

  • Mr. Paul Marold, CEO, Aeristus, Inc., USA

  • Stephen Nicholas, Past NAFA President, Filter Service, US

  • Mike Malloy, Principal, Malloy Strategies, LLC, US

  • Lisa Greenfield, Advocate, Innovative Healthcare Solutions, US

Moderated by Mitch McCreary, Director of Marketing at WFI USA, and chaired by Iyad Al-Attar, PhD, Strategic Director at WFI Canada, the 90-minute interactive discussion delved into pressing questions surrounding air filtration solutions for health and sustainability. Some highlights include:

  1. Global Outreach: How can the filtration community extend the benefits of clean air to regions with extreme heat and diverse built environments?

  2. Sustainable Filtration: What changes are needed for filter and media reusability and recycling?

  3. Educational Impact: How does air quality affect students' well-being and learning?

  4. Compliance Assurance: The importance of inspecting AC systems and filtration setups for regulatory compliance

  5. Innovating Sustainability: Where should innovation efforts be directed to enhance sustainability across the filtration value chain?

Missed the live session? No problem. Watch the video recording here.

Mark your calendars to join global leading experts at Upcoming WFI 2023 Annual Conference (WFI 2023), December 5–6, 2023, 8:00AM –12:00PM EST. The theme of this conference is Filtration and Its Influence on the Future of Our Planet. It will be an international leadership conference to address the critical roles of filtration and separation for healthy living, surrounding environments, and their impacts on future generations. Read more...


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