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TFS Empowers Future Generations: Sponsoring Students for WFI's CFSS Program

In a collaborative effort, The Filtration Society (TFS) and the Waterloo Filtration Institute (WFI) are working together to inspire and engage students and young individuals in the realm of Filtration & Separation (F&S). This partnership aims to equip them with the necessary training to excel and evolve within this field.

TFS is excited to announce the immediate sponsorship of students for participation in the upcoming WFI 2023 Annual Conference, scheduled for December 5–6, 2023. Following this conference, the sponsored students will have the opportunity to enroll in WFI's esteemed Certified Filtration and Separation Specialist program (CFSS Program) commencing in 2024.

Applicants are expected to fulfill the following criteria:

  1. A strong willingness to learn and a genuine enthusiasm for acquiring knowledge and expertise in the domain of F&S.

  2. Minimum requirement of a Bachelor's degree, with preference given to those with Master's or PhD qualifications, who exhibit a direct interest in the application of F&S.

  3. Consideration will be extended to students from underprivileged backgrounds, particularly those employed by small, micro, or startup companies in the F&S sector, where financial constraints might hinder sponsorship (despite the company's aspiration for the individual's to succeed in their roles).

  4. Additional attention will be accorded to students who express interest in future-focused topics or areas closely related to F&S, including:

a. Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) practices

b. Advancement of the circular economy

c. Innovative reuse of filters or materials

d. Lifecycle analysis (cradle to grave) principles within F&S

e. Development of enhanced and efficient F&S processes

f. Commitment to sustainability principles

If you are enthusiastic about this opportunity, please submit your application along with a brief biography to Join us in shaping the future of Filtration & Separation for a clean, healthy, and sustainable world!


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