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Reminder: Liquid Filtration This Week

Waterloo Filtration Institute (WFI) will conduct its first liquid course in the Certified Filtration & Separation Specialist (CFSS 2020) program with a series of courses on Liquid Filtration beginning this week.

On Wednesday, July 8th, 2020, our training courses on Liquid Filtration will begin by Dr. Wu Chen, Principal Research Scientist at Dow, a well-recognized expert in the global filtration and separation industry. Dr. Chen has over 30 years of extensive experience in all areas of liquid filtration and air/gas filtration in both technologies and business perspectives. The course is designed for certifying professionals as a specialist in liquid filtration and separation.

Dr. Chen has taught this course in numerous countries and to a number of organizations for over 25 years. He is very active in the filtration industry. He has been the plenary and keynote speakers in major conferences, served as the chair of the American Filtration and Separation Society (AFS), AFS board of directors, conference chairs, and various committees.

Participants will learn the wide spectrum of liquid filtration technology plus basic principles and available options for removal of particulate from liquid fluids. The general course outline will cover; Introduction to Liquid Filtration, Properties, Principles and Equipment such as Depth, Straining, Cake and Membrane. In this course, Dr. Chen will also cover applications from general process fluids to Food and Beverage to Mining and Transportation and more.

Dr. Chen will lead two sessions in Liquid Filtration in the following two weeks. This course on July 8th and a second course on July 15th will further discuss liquid filtration applications in more detail and highlight some standard test methods.

Reminder: Waterloo Filtration Institute will have a free Webinar on Thursday, July 23, concerning Air Filtration and Facemasks an update on COVID 19.

Become a Certified Filtration and Separation Specialist and take the advantages of our most comprehensive educational program in Filtration and Separation to boost your knowledge and raise your professional value in the filtration marketspace.

These courses are available on-demand with registration

Nonwovens in Filtration by Dr. Gajanan Bhat

Filter Media Technologies by Dr. Christine Sun

Air Filtration I &II by Ms., Kathleen Owen, et al. Particle/Air Separation, by Dr. Chao Tan

Gas Phase Filtration by Mr. Kevin Jameson

Face Mask Technologies I & II by Dr. Christine Sun


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