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New Year Message: Together for a Better World

If sustainable living means capitalizing on what we possess today as we aim to live within our environmental means, then we ought to alter how we live, commute, combust fossil fuel, and generate and use power. It is no secret that we are behind on our environmental promises, so our courses of action must alter.

If we aim to reach sustainable development goals, we need to identify the environmental challenges we face to capitalize on our technologies, resources, and human potential. Our commitment to future generations requires drafting strategies to craft a bright future and sustainable living environments. WFI can undoubtedly play a role as a knowledge provider to embrace sustainable and healthy living.

Our outdoor and indoor environments are under tremendous pressure from the rising tide of air pollution. In addition, the architecture of existing infrastructures has been exhausted by the rapid growth of urbanization, industrialization, and population growth, which also degraded the quality of services communities require to survive.

Ultimately, the message is clear; embracing sustainability through business models that entail profit and purpose is the order of the day. Professional filtration, safe air and water, sustainable built environments, and second-to-none smart, green, and clean buildings are WFI principles and priorities.

Join us in making a difference at WFI in 2023.

Happy New Year

Dr. Iyad Al-Attar

Strategic Director - Waterloo Filtration Institute


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