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Liquid Filtration II, July 15

Waterloo Filtration Institute (WFI) has conducted its first liquid course in the Certified Filtration & Separation Specialist (CFSS 2020) program with the first class on Liquid Filtration this morning.

Today’s course on Liquid Filtration was conducted by Dr. Wu Chen, Principal Research Scientist at Dow, a well-recognized leading expert in the global filtration and separation industry. It was an excellent and informative course, well received by the class.

Participants learned the basic principles of particle/fluid separation, liquid and particle characteristics, test methods, cake filtration, and some of the liquid filtration processes. Dr. Chen also discussed the importance of charge, concentration, and density of the particulate and many other physical properties that can affect the success of your intended result.

Dr. Wu Chen will continue Liquid Filtration II, next Wednesday, July 15, 2020, where he will explore the equipment that is used to conduct the filtration, including Depth, Straining, Cake and Membrane processes while continuing to discuss the liquid applications in Food and Beverage, Mining and Transportation, and other liquid filtration processes. He will also go into much more detail about many of the topics discussed today. You surely do not want to miss this class if you want to learn liquid filtration.

Reminder: Waterloo Filtration Institute will have its third open educational Webinar Air Filtration and Facemask Update on COVID-19, Thursday, July 23, 2020. It is to further discuss air filtration and facemasks in response to COVID- 19, including its continuous impact on air filtration market, new updates from ASHRAE, general practices in hospitals and buildings, lessons learned from the field and latest developments of facemasks and air filtration to prevent coronavirus infection and keep people safe.

Become a Certified Filtration and Separation Specialist and take advantage of our most comprehensive educational program in Filtration and Separation to boost your knowledge and raise your professional value in the filtration marketspace.


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