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Let's Learn Something New - Tuesday May 19, 2020

Well here we are all sitting around waiting for the COVID Pandemic to leave our lives for good and never come back. Guess we'll all need to wait a bit longer FOR SURE ... But looking around at everything happening makes me a (Filter Geek) think about just what kind of new things we could make or learn during this spare time on our hands. There are countless ways that we can learn during this unwanted pause to our lives that can make us better when the pause is over. After you learn the new ideas you can use them to advance your current career or move to another. Or maybe just know more about this growing world.

Lets start with Dirty Water- one of many new ideas.

Dirty drinking water is a major problem around the world, causing millions of cases of disease and death every year. About 663 million people (that's 1 out of every 10 people on Earth) lack access to safe water, and 2.4 billion people (1 out of every 3) lack access to a toilet. Look, at home we could make some short term effect on these areas some inventions and innovations that are helping more people get sanitary water around the world, some of which are in use now and others that hope to be one day.

Naked Filter: A revolutionary way to take standard water from a stream and making it into clean fresh drinking water using a combination of nowovel techniques.

LifeStraw: The LifeStraw is what it sounds like – a straw-shaped filter that you can stick directly into water, purifying up to 1000 liters.

Slingshot: Invented by Dean Kamen and running on a Stirling engine or solar panel, the Slingshot has been used in tests in Africa to provide clean water to rural schools.

LifeSack: The LifeSack is truly ingenious, starting as a container for grain or other foods to be shipped wherever needed. But once it arrives at its destination, it can use solar power to purify water for drinking (and is easily worn as a backpack).

Drinkable Book: While not currently available, the Drinkable Book from WaterIsLife is an educational book on water hygiene, but you can rip the pages out and use them several times as water filters.

The Watercone: The Watercone is a very simple and easy to use desalination device which transforms salty or brackish water into potable water, using solar power and evaporation.

Each one of these ideas and amazing products uses some sort of filtration technology that can be discovered in one of the course we are offering. Filter media technology is the core and competitive edge of modern filtration technologies. From nonwovens, membranes, ceramics, metallics, adsorbents, woven, to nanofibers and other porous materials, this course aims to provide you an overall understanding of the filter media market and products used in various areas of air and liquid filtration. Emerging technologies, challenges and trends for future development will also be discussed. At Waterloo Filtration Technologies you can pick and chose courses; 1. Introduction to the filtration market 2. Key market segments in air/liquid filtration 3. Common filter media types 4. Market statistics and opportunities 5. Filter media technologies for air filtration 6. Filter media technologies for liquid filtration 7. Characteristics and requirements of filter media 8. Things to consider for filter media selection 9. New developments in air/liquid filter media 10. Unmet needs and trends for future development 

Take a look at our upcoming courses @ to excite your hidden inventive genes and make a new filter that will create a new solution for current problems facing the world. Become a Certified Filtration & Separation Specialists. Our classes have already started but there are many left though the summer. Take a look you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. We can make it work with any economic budget or situation. Tuesday is a key class Filter Media Technologies so take a leap and see what it's all about, it's on line, no need for looking around for social distancing.

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See Ya There.


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