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Let’s Continue to Learn – Air Filtration - Tuesday May 26, 2020

Well I am sure that you are all still there waiting on the next piece of information dealing with the current Pandemic. The Filter Geek in me wants to provide you some more bits of filtration knowledge as a follow-up to last week’s posting and hopefully some interesting new info on air filtration.

Let’s go back to dirty water- Last week I promised to look at a new idea!

Let’s remember about 663 million people (that's 1 out of every 10 people on Earth) lack access to safe water, and 2.4 billion people (1 out of every 3) lack access to a toilet. One of last week’s companies Naked Filter has come up with a filtration product that really can be used on just about many types of contaminated water. Take a look at this companies’ novel way of working with various filtration Medias.

Liquidity Nanotech uses thousands of nanofibers to provide a very porous filter yet tight enough to stop bacteria and couples them with other staple fiber materials and carbon block to deliver a product that can be used in an everyday product useful to us in our everyday life’s.

Sylvie Chavanne – Director of Liquidity Nanotech Corporation has worked with her team to design this interesting consumer product that is easy to use and relatively economical. For more information,

Now Let’s look at dirty air – Air Filtration – Tuesday May 26, 2020

When filtering air we are attempting to reduce the number of contaminants in a fluid air stream. This air stream may consist of general particulates in the environment in the home or office to the pollutants found in our atmosphere to the removal of viruses contained in the droplets that we exhale. We are also interested in the removal of contaminants found to reduce the life of equipment or machinery. Each of these areas will be investigated in detail during our Air Filtration Courses.

From fundamentals in air filtration to recent developments, this course will give you an overall understanding of the air filtration market, technologies, and their applications in various areas, such as HVAC, transportation, industrial dust removal, gas turbines, paint spray booths, clean rooms, hot gas filtration, air purification, personal protection, etc. Emerging technologies, challenges and trends for future development will also be discussed.

Take a look at our upcoming courses @ to excite your hidden inventive genes and make a new filter that will create a new solution for current problems facing the world. Become a Certified Filtration & Separation Specialists. Our classes have already started but there are many left though the summer. Take a look you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. We can make it work with any economic budget or situation. Tuesday is a key class in Air Filtration so take a leap and see what it's all about, it's on line, no need for looking around for social distancing.

Next week’s blog will discuss a specialized air filtration manufacturer and how they moved into a specialized air segment with a unique product.

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See ya there.


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