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Latest Update of HVAC Air Cleaner Testing

This talk is a work in progress. It will be an update on the recommendations for the ETF for using filtration to battle COVID19 and filter test methods. Thus, the content will change based on what happens between now and then. Likely discussion will be any changes in recommendations for MERV levels or to air changes including the balance between ventilation with outdoor air and use of clean/filtered air. As appropriate, this talk may include a discussion of schools, building reopenings, and other ETF topics related to filtration.

Kathleen Owen, ASHRAE Fellow and 52.2 Chair

Kathleen Owen, ASHRAE Fellow and member of the ASHRAE ETF, is the current Chair of ASHRAE 52.2 (the MERV test)and past Chair of SSPC 145 for gas-phase air cleaner testing. She was the research chair for TC2.3 gaseous contaminants for 10 yr. She is a member of the ETF Filtration and Disinfection team providing expertise on filtration and the use of air cleaners in various buildings. With 35 years of particulate, gas-phase, and bioaerosol air cleaner testing, test method development, and related IAQ research, Kathleen is now a consulting engineer for Owen Air Filtration Consulting. Current projects include ASHRAE round-robin testing for both 52.2 (1784-RP) and 145.2 (1720-RP) and the ASHRAE project looking to bring EAC (PCO, BPI, etc.) into the gas-phase test method (1838-RP). Her BS ChE is from NCSU and her MS in Air Pollution Control engineering is from UNC-Chapel Hill.

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