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Hydraulic/Fuel Filtration, Sept. 22. 8-10 am EDT

Waterloo Filtration Institutes will offer another fantastic educational course Fuel/Oil/Lube/Hydraulic Filtration on September 22nd, 8–10 am EDT, where all of these fluids are key to our global economic growth but are seldom discussed. We are excited to have two dynamic experts share their years’ experience with us on the course.

Gary Bessee - President, Bessee Expert Services LLC, and Abbey Vijlee- Hydraulic Fluid Consultant and Instructor will both provide some basic and detailed information on all types of Fuel and Hydraulic Filtration techniques and challenges. You can Register for this course through our website portal.

WFI offers one of the industries only educational training courses to become a Certified Filtration Separation Specialist. It is still not too late to join the CFSS 2020 program to become a Certified Filtration and Separation Specialist. Registration will be open until October 30.

Take advantage of this opportunity to advance your career while you are home or anywhere at your convenience. All the required CFSS Courses are now Available on Demand with registration.

Nonwovens in Filtration by Dr. Gajanan Bhat

Filter Media Technologies by Dr. Christine Sun

Air Filtration I &II by Ms. Kathleen Owen, et al. Particle/Air Separation, by Dr. Chao Tan

Gas Phase Filtration by Mr. Kevin Jameson

Liquid Filtration I & II by Dr. Wu Chen

Face Mask Technologies I & II by Dr. Christine Sun

Membranes in Filtration by Mr. Scott P. Yaeger

Nanofibers in Filtrationby Dr. Christine


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