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Healthy and Sustainable Buildings: Past, Present and Future

Join Mr. Tyler Smith, Vice President, Healthy Buildings at Johnson Controls, at the WFI 2022 Annual Conference on December 6, 2022. He will be addressing the intersection of leading trends in the built environment – health, wellness, and decarbonization – and the role we all play in making them a reality.

Healthy and Sustainable Buildings: Past, Present and Future

With the focus on improved indoor air quality (IAQ) not slowing down as the COVID pandemic evolves, and with decarbonization top of mind for all building operators, it’s critical that buildings be built, renovated and operated to deliver both outcomes.

Many decision-makers see IAQ and decarbonization as a zero-sum game in which a focus on one must be offset by a lack of focus on the other. The reality is, however, that, thanks to recent advancements in smart, digitally-enabled buildings, it’s possible to achieve both and the same smart building technologies that go into new buildings can also be used to cost-effectively retrofit existing buildings.

We have a responsibility to ensure the building of tomorrow is an excellent steward of its environment and its occupants. Many organizations are stepping up to help accelerate these efforts, including standards bodies, manufacturers and government entities. But will it be enough? What more should be done to help realize this vision?

2022 Product of the Year Nomination

The award is set to promote product development in the filtration and separation industry for a clean, healthy, and sustainable world. Find more about the 2022 Product of the Year Nomination HERE.


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