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Filtration Technologies for Clean Indoor & Outdoor Air: What are the Requirements for IAQ and Health

Join Chris Muller, ASHRAE Distinguished Lecturer, Director IEQ Technical Services

AAF Flanders for the latest update and trends on filtration technologies for clean air solutions.

ABSTRACT: Many cities worldwide face serious air quality challenges in indoor environments due to particularly high levels of ambient (outdoor) air pollution, and ambient air pollution significantly increases both morbidity and mortality in the general population. Efforts are being made to reduce pollutants levels in urban environments, however, this will take many years. To address air quality issues, the control of particulate matter has been a primary focus, however, removing irritating, noxious, and poisonous gases and foul odors effectively is now a major requirement to provide a healthy environment. As a result, enhanced air filtration is being used to clean the air coming into a building as well as to maintain acceptable indoor air quality for building occupants. This presentation will cover ambient air quality, current and developing enhanced air cleaning technologies, and methods being used to evaluate the effectiveness of these various technologies.


  • Air Pollution: An All Too Common Topic

  • Indoor Air Pollution: Health Risks on the Increase

  • Ambient Air Quality: Criteria Pollutants

  • Ambient Air Pollution and the General Population

  • Addressing Air Quality Issues

  • Air Cleaning Solutions for IAQ

  • Current Test Methods for MediA and Filters

  • Air Cleaner Test Standards: Room Air Purifiers

  • Summary

Key Questions to Answer

  • What are the health impacts of poor indoor and outdoor air?

  • What are common air cleaning solutions for IAQ concerns?

  • How do we test for air cleaning effectiveness?

  • What air cleaning technologies need to be scrutinized further?

SPEAKER BIO: Chris Muller is the Director of IEQ Technical Services for AAF Flanders. He is recognized globally as an expert in environmental air quality, gas-phase air filtration technology, and enhanced air cleaning systems with 30+ years of application knowledge and development and technical expertise in these fields. He is also an ASHRAE Distinguished Lecturer and has been a driving force on multiple industry association and technical committees, improving awareness and standards in the industry, especially in the field of gas-phase air filtration and indoor environmental air quality.


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