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Filtration Hour: Sustainability Aspects of Air Filtration

Join globally leading experts from different countries on April 28, 10-11 am EDT, at our second WFI Filtration Hour on Sustainability Aspects of Air Filtration: Reimaging Air Filtration from Design and Disposal. It's free.

  • Iyad Al-Attar, PhD, Strategic Director, WFI, Canada

  • Jenny Berens, PhD, Filter Engr. Mgr., Freudenberg Filtration Technologies., USA;

  • Paul Lambart, Visiting Acad. Fellow, Cranfield University, UK

  • Tobias Zimmer, Vice President, Camfil AB, German;

  • Richard Lydon, Secretary-General, The Filtration Society, UK

  • Flavio Fuertes, Global Compact Exec. Director at UN Global Compact, Argentina;

Mitch McCreary, WFI Director of Marketing, will moderate the presentations and facilitate the discussion to address live questions from the audience and some questions of global concerns, such as,

  1. What is the environmental footprint of air filtration?

  2. Energy implications of air filtration employment and HVAC installations.

  3. Power generation and filtration aspects – Extensive use of air filters on the air intake of land-based gas turbines.

  4. ESG standards adherence in raw material and manufacturing.

  5. Can filters be (reused and recycled)? Circular vs. linear processes.

  6. How can we reimagine air filtration technologies, solutions, and promises?

Got a filtration question? Ask the experts at Filtration Hour! Free Registration.

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