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Filter Media Technologies, April 5

Following WFI CFSS 2022 Opening Course Introduction to Global Filtration Market, we are pleased for a very informative course delivered today by Chair Professor Gajanan Bhat, Department Head, Textiles, Merchandising and Interiors, University of Georgia, Athens, GA, USA, titled Nonwovens in Filtration. Dr. Bhat provided an excellent overview of various nonwoven processes and products, how they differentiate from traditional fabrics, the characteristics of different nonwoven technologies, and why they are increasingly used in the filtration market. The course was very well attended and interactive with live questions from the audience.

If you were unable to attend the course, it is available now through our online portal Nonwovens in Filtration, where you can register for the course and receive the benefits of this uniquely designed course. It is an ideal course for those who want to have an overall understanding of different nonwoven technologies and applications, especially for the filtration market.

Our next course will be Filter Media Technologies on April 5, Tuesday, 8:00 am-10:00 am EDT, by Dr. Christine Sun, President of Waterloo Filtration institute. It will take you to the next level to understand different filter media technologies besides nonwovens, including membranes, ceramics, metallics, adsorbents, wovens, nanofibers, and other porous materials. It will provide you with a further understanding of the filter media market and products used in various areas of air and liquid filtration. Emerging technologies, challenges, and trends for future development will also be discussed.

Dr. Sun is a renowned technical and market expert in the global filtration industry. She will share her over 30 years of experience with you on the insight into various filter media technologies and their applications in the ever-expanding filtration market. She is known as "a brilliantly articulate and lively instructor who is skilled in guiding filter media professionals through the complexities of the air, liquid, and nanotechnology markets.


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