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Facemask Market and Technologies

Facemask Market and Technologies

This webinar will provide you with the latest update on facemask market analysis and the technologies used to make facemasks, especially meltblown and electrostatic changing technologies, as a primary method for making core facemask filtration layers. We will also discuss the latest developments on test methods and certification standards for the facemasks, as well as the trends for future growth.

April 27, 2021, Tuesday, 8:00 am - 10:00 am, EDT Canada & US

FaceMask and Market Technologies will have four presenters and five expert panelists. Dr. Peter Tsai, University of Tennessee, the inventor of the electret Meltblown webs incorporated into the facemasks, will present the advanced meltblown technologies and new developments in Electrostatic charging techniques. Additionally, Ms. Janelle R. Bentz, MS, Nelson Laboratories, will provide the latest updates on mask testing and evaluation. Mr. Bob Mcilvaine, President, Mcilvaine Company, will provide up-to-date analysis on the dynamic market. Find more information, Click Here.

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Air Filter Design

A newly added course, Air Filter Design, was delivered yesterday by the President of Waterloo Filtration Institute, Dr. Christine Sun, supported by a fantastic panelist group. Our panelists at this presentation were Mr. Jim Rosenthal, Chairman and CEO of Allergy Relief Technologies, and Dr. R. Vijayakumar, founder and President of AERFIL, both globally well-known experts in air filtration.

This new course took the basic Air Filtration training in our last class to actual air filter design. It was very well received and offered an abundance of information on the specifics to look for when designing the filter devices.

See More Courses in CFSS 2021 Education Program

WFI CFSS 2021 Education Program includes 22 professional training courses in F&S, especially developed and delivered by leading experts from academia and the global filtration industry. It covers air filtration, liquid filtration, filter media technologies, filtration market, and special filtration applications, such as hospital air filtration, gas phase filtration, cabin air filtration, engine air intake filtration, fuel/oil/lube/hydraulic filtration, facemask market & technologies.


Your membership opens the doors to many opportunities. It gains company recognition in the filtration community and shows your peers that you are dedicated to staying at the forefront of the industry with technological advancement and continuous innovation. Find out more about the benefits here.


Waterloo Filtration Institute welcomes Ohlone Press, LLC, Creator of Vogmask®, to join WFI membership, a former publisher and committed environmentalist with nine years devoted to offering reusable, comfortable, well-fitting, and efficient filtering face masks for consumers.


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