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Course Recap: Meltblown Technologies and Upcoming Courses

As the preeminent institute for filtration technology, the Waterloo Filtration Institute (WFI) continues to engage industry professionals through our comprehensive and insightful education programs.

Meltblown Technologies Course Delivers In-Depth Insights

Today, we had the privilege of hosting an engaging course on Meltblown Technologies. This session was expertly led by Dr. Christine Sun (WFI, USA) and supported by our distinguished panelist Dr. Gajanan Bhat (The University of Georgia, USA), Dr. Cédric VALLET (Ahlstrom, France), Dr. Bryan Haynes (Kimberly-Clark, USA), Mr. Steve Cox (Hollingsworth & Vose Company, USA), and Dr. Peter Tsai (The University of Tennessee, USA).

Participants received a deep dive into various aspects of meltblown technologies, such as process design, electric charging, meltblown nanofibers, and web characteristics. These technologies' unique positioning in the rapidly evolving air/liquid filtration markets was extensively discussed, along with an excellent panel discussion on the most recent trends and opportunities of meltblown technologies. You can access the full presentation/video recording via the course website. CFSS students have access to this recording as well as all other video recordings from this year's program.

Next Course: Air Filtration for Hospitals

On July 11, we will host an insightful course on Air Filtration for Hospitals, led by Dr. Iyad Al-Attar, alongside Mr. Stephen Nicholas and Mr. Chris Muller. This course will provide a comprehensive overview of air filtration criteria and best practices in a hospital environment. It is designed to help attendees understand common contaminants, filter performance, selection, installation stages, and the processes associated with particle loading and filter clogging. We will also explore the influence of climate and operational conditions on filter performance and delve into practical techniques for managing air quality, and ensuring the safety of patients, healthcare workers, visitors, and HVAC equipment. Learn more on the course website.

Courses Available

The following courses are all available to watch on demand. All CFSS participants have access to all the recordings below as well as all upcoming courses.

Upcoming Courses


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