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CFSS Course 9 of 22 Available On Demand

We are thrilled to have completed the 9th installment of our education program for Certified Filtration & Separation Specialist 2021 (CFSS 2021). The course on Tuesday, May 25, 2021, brought Gas Phase Filtration into clarity for the participants. Mr. Kevin Jameson, President of PureAir Filtration provided detailed instruction on what, where, and how you should use Gas Phase filtration in this complex filtration market.

The course was well attended and addressed, including basic principles, different types of adsorbents and their functions in use, delivery systems of adsorbents, products in various application markets, such as HVAC, odor control, environmental exhaust, toxic gas protection, and the product evaluation methods and standards.

It was a very interactive class. Ms. Kathleen Owen, Mr. Brian Lane, and Dr. Christine Sun were in the panel and answered live questions from the audience. We thank all the speakers and audience for your participation.

Next Course

Our next course will be Air Filter Testing and Evaluation on Tuesday, June 8, 2021, 8 - 10 am EDT, and will feature Mr. Bob Burkhead, President of Blue Heaven Technology. Bob will provide a broad understanding of the test methodologies and techniques used in developing nonwoven air filtration media and manufactured end products. He will focus on various application-driven developments and covers HVAC, automotive, industrial, clean spaces, and medical applications, among others.

You still have time to REGISTER for this very informative course with Mr. Burkhead. We are confident that you will come away with valuable and practical information essential for your business growth in air filtration.

CFSS 2021

Don't miss this opportunity and register now for the CFSS 2021 program or any course of your interest to gain knowledge directly from the leading experts and accelerate your career development in the fast-growing filtration industry!

Courses Available on Demand Introduction to Global Filtration Market by Mr. Jay Forcucci, March 09, 2021 Nonwovens in Filtration by Dr. Gajanan Bhat, March 23, 2021 Filter Media Technologies by Dr. Christine Sun, March 30, 2021 Air Filtration by Ms. Kathleen Owen, April 13, 2021 Air Filter Design by Dr. Christine Sun, April 20, 2021 Facemask Market &Technologies by Dr. Peter Tsai & Ms. Janelle Bentz, April 27, 2021 Particle and Air Separation by Dr. Chao Tan, May 11, 2021 Gas Phase Filtration by Mr. Kevin Jameson, May 25, 2021 Reminder: WFI offers online courses live or on-demand at your convenience. You will have access to both the handouts and course videos with the course registration. Check our upcoming event calendar and register now!


Waterloo Filtration Institute is happy to announce that we will be participating in the FILTECH 2022, the world's largest filtration show featuring over 450 exhibitors and 200+ presentations from all parts of the world.

While it is almost one year away, it is not too soon to start planning for one of the first post-pandemic Filtration Events: FILTECH 2022. It is a must-to-go event for all those professionals in the frontier of designing, researching, purchasing, marketing, selling, or providing services related to the filtration and separation processes. FILTECH has become an international platform and solution provider for every market segment of the global filtration industry.


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