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CFSS 2023 Open for Registration

The Waterloo Filtration Institute (WFI) is dedicated to developing advanced filtration and separation solutions to support the global filtration and separation industry for a cleaner, healthier, and more sustainable world. We are proud to provide the industry with the most comprehensive, practical, cost-effective, and time-efficient education program for your business growth, team building, and individual professional career development. It covers the global filtration market, filter media technologies, air filtration and liquid filtration technologies, air filter design, liquid filter design, air filter testing and evaluation, liquid filter testing and evaluation, and new developments, opportunities, and trends.

WFI is excited to launch our 2023 Certified Air Filtration & Separation Specialist Program (CFSS 2023) in response to the ever-growing demand for a clean, healthy, and sustainable environment. Led by over 50 top globally-renowned experts, the program is ideal for professionals looking to advance their careers or looking for new job opportunities in clean air, clean water, and other filtration-related industry, such as,

  • Research and development professionals

  • Product development engineers and managers

  • Marketing directors and business leaders

  • Technical sales and account managers

  • Technical support professionals

  • Testing and quality control professionals

  • Professors looking for research opportunities

  • Graduate students looking for career opportunities

See CFSS 2023 Program Schedule and Register here.

Should I Join the CFSS 2023 program? See some testimonials from recent CFSS class graduates here.


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