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CFSS 2021: Everything you need to know!

Taking the success it was the Certified Filtration & Separation Specialist (CFSS) education program in 2020; the Waterloo Filtration Institute has now opened the CFSS 2021 for registration. Come and be part of this high-level education program!

Have exclusive insights on the Filtration & Separation sector with 22 expert-led courses to hone your skills. We are proud to conduct an open program that allows you to reach out to the instructors when you needed including a vast group of professors, industry leaders and field experts.

22 courses are specially developed and delivered by leading experts from the academia and global filtration industry

The classes are delivered online every other Tuesday. You will have a highly regarded and recognized instructor presenting the lecture followed by a question session answered by the instructor with additional opportunities to also have invited panelists.

The courses will be presented with what you need to know on the area covered but also will teach you real-world problems and their challenges! A real opportunity for you to improve your skills and to learn what is necessary for a real-world job.

What Does It Mean when You have an official CFSS Certificate?

· You have finished the required rigorous training courses and passed the exam

· You have general knowledge in air filtration, liquid filtration, filter media technology, and the global filtration market

· You are a certified expert in the area of filtration & Separation.

· You can proudly put CFSS in your signature, such as “Dr. David Smith, CFSS.”

· You have more new job and career development opportunities

· You have more networking opportunities with globally leading experts

· You have more new business opportunities in the global filtration market

​The program starts on March 9, 2021. Don't miss this opportunity and register now!


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