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CAFSS 2022 Starts This Week

WFI is excited to launch its new 2022 summer program for Certified Air Filtration & Separation Specialists (CAFSS) this week. It includes ten courses related to air filtration and starts with Introduction to Global Filtration Market (Current Market, Challenges, Opportunities, and Trends). The program is ideal for professionals looking to advance their careers and find new opportunities in the clean air industry.

Introduction to Global Filtration Market

From the air we breathe to the water we drink, filtration has affected almost all aspects of our daily life and industrial processes, such as power generation, food & beverage, pharmaceutical, environmental protection, data centers, high-tech devices, and transportation, etc. This course aims to give the audience an overall understanding of the global filtration market, increasing demands, challenges, opportunities, and trends.

Target Audience

>Research and development professionals

>Product development engineers

>Marketing directors and product managers

>Technical sales professionals

>Technical support professionals

>Testing and quality control professionals

>Professors looking for research opportunities

>Graduate students looking for career opportunities

Is it an ideal program for you? Check here for program details.

50% off till July 15, 2022


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