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Filtration Hour: Air Quality for Schools and Effects on Academic Performance and Cognitive functions

Register for the next Filtration Hour held on September 22 at 10:00 AM EDT. Our topic of discussion will be Sustainability Session on Air Quality for Schools: Effects on academic performance and cognitive functions.

Recent studies have suggested that school air quality is correlated to students' poor academic performance and compromised cognitive functions. Poor air quality impacts learning abilities, performance, focus, memory, and health. Our children spend most of their time learning, studying, and exercising in indoor school spaces, highlighting the importance of the air quality they inhale while learning.

In this session, the panelists will address:

1-Typical selection criteria for parents to choose a school for their children. Does air quality matter?

2- Can we blame the deterioration of IAQ in schools solely on-air filtration?

3- How can air quality and students' performance be correlated?

4- Is retrofitting essential to accommodate higher filtration efficiencies in the existing HVAC systems?

5- Why hasn’t continuous air quality monitoring been implemented in a large scale in schools?

6- What innovations are required to embrace healthy and pleasant learning environments?

7- What policies and practices are needed to enhance air quality?

8- What is the role of the government and the private sector in raising the bar of air quality in schools?

The session be will chaired by Dr. Iyad Al-Attar and moderated by Mr. Mitch McCreary

Our panel of distinguished speakers include:

  • Jenny Berens, PhD, Filter Engr. Mgr., Freudenberg Filtration Technologies., USA;

  • Paul Marold, CEO, Aeristus, Inc., USA;

  • Fadia Abdel Ghani, Energy efficiency specialist, Jordan Standards & Metrology Organization, Jordan.

  • Lisa Greenfield, Advocate, Shared Air Solutions, USA

  • Michael Ham, Co-Founder & President, RePure, USA.

  • Yasmine Skanji, Director at ZAACK, IGIENAIR Group, France

  • Eliane Khoury, CEO, VFA Solutions, Netherlands

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CFSS-Air: Pathway to Clean Air Excellence

The Waterloo Filtration Institute is thrilled to introduce our new fall program of Certified Filtration & Separation Specialist for Air track (CFSS-Air), designed specially to elevate individual career and your team's prowess in clean air technologies.

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