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Air Filtration - Tuesday, April 13, 8–10 am EDT

Air Filtration

This introductory course will provide you with an overall understanding of Air Filtration principles, technologies, and applications in various market segments, such as HVAC, transportation, industrial dust removal, gas turbines, paint spray booths, clean rooms, hot gas filtration, air purification, personal protection, etc.

The current emerging high demands for facemasks and air filtration associated with COVID-19 for public safety and health will also be discussed, along with new developments and trends in the global filtration market. The course will be taught by very highly qualified air filtration specialists: Kathleen Owen, ASHRAE Fellow and Dr. Christine Sun, President of Waterloo Filtration.

The course will happen on Tuesday, April 13th from 8-10am EDT.

Air Filtration Panelists

This course will also have a detailed question and answer session with experts to answer any questions during or after the course. We will have four experts from the technical and business side of the market segment.

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WFI CFSS 2021 Education Program includes 22 professional training courses in F&S, especially developed and delivered by leading experts from academia and the global filtration industry. It covers air filtration, liquid filtration, filter media technologies, filtration market, and special filtration applications, such as hospital air filtration, gas phase filtration, cabin air filtration, engine air intake filtration, fuel/oil/lube/hydraulic filtration, facemask market & technologies.


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We would like to welcome Mogul Nonwovens, the growing membership of Waterloo Filtration. Mogul strives to be strong in diversity and support its customers in a reliable and sustainable manner. Products include nonwoven fabrics from polymer-based filaments (mono-component and bi-component) and spunlace fabrics (parallel laid and cross-lapped) made from natural and synthetic staple fibers. Additional value-added is achieved by chemical treatment and coating to capture attributes for special applications. The Mogul team is driven to be trustworthy, responsive and dynamically entrepreneurial to improve and develop products for their customers. Mogul ranks among the top 500 industrial companies in Turkey and became the first member from Turkey of the European Nonwovens and Disposables Association (EDANA). Mogul is also a member of INDA, ANFA and now Waterloo Filtration Institute.


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