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Air Filtration Testing and Evaluation Today

Waterloo Filtration Institute is pleased to release an excellent program today on Air Filtration Test and Evaluation, May 9, 2023, 8:00-10:00 am EDT. It was instructed by Mr. Bob Burkhead (Blue Heaven Technologies). Dr. Jenny Berens (Freudenberg Filtration Technologies), Mr. Al Vatine (LMS Technologies), Dr. R. Vijayakumar (AERFIL), Ms. Kathleen Owen (ASHRAE Fellow), Dr. Iyad Al-Attar (Cranfield University), Mr. Tim Johnson (Filter Testing Expert) and Mr. Steve Nicholas (NAFA Past President) joined us for the panel discussion. It was moderated by Mr. Mitch McCreary (WFI).

The informative program covered the following:

1. Fundamentals of air filter testing methods

2. Air Filtration testing methodologies and published test protocols

3. Important terms, definitions and technical issues 4. Data quality and validation techniques 5. New developments in testing and assessing indoor air quality (Panel discussion)

You can watch the video recording here and access the full presentation/video recording via the course website.

Available New Courses

Today's course concluded all the air courses required for Filtration and Separation Specialist Certification in CFSS 2023 Program. We will start liquid filtration program next week.

Upcoming Courses


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